memories & shit.

Hiking up the Mourne mountains Rainy Tokyo at night with Tokyo tower in the distance The torii gates in Kyoto Travelling along Canada's Alaska Highway A Canadian lake at sunset Man on a bicycle on a narrow Tokyo street Girl waiting for a train in Tokyo Two hikers walking through a forest A crowd gathered outside a temple in Kyoto Young adults sitting and watching a fountain in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Resevoir at daylight
View through a gatted window at Shane's Castle A taxi waiting to pick up a Geisha in Kyoto A policeman on his motorbike in Osaka A narrow Tokyo alleyway Tokyo city skyline Some curious sheep in Connemara, Ieland View of Newcastle from the Mournee Mountains A couple embrace on a ferry to Strangford View of Tokyo's skyline Two hikers descending the Mourne Mountains
Iconic Universal Sign at Universal Studios in Orlando Shibuya crossing in Tokyo A girl doing her makeup beside a window in a Tokyo hotel room A canadian lake with a boat in foreground Clouds and mist swamp over a mountain in British Columbia Two hikers observing their path up the Mourne Mountains Lamps at a Japanese shrine People looking over Japan's skyline from the skytree with Tokyo tower in the distance A tokyo street surounded by high rise buildings A tokyo street surounded by high rise buildings Osaka street scene at night

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