Conbody is the brain child of ex-convict Coss Marte who, whilst serving a long-term prison sentence, developed a unique training program that incorporated prison style workouts into a studio style approach.

After the success of Conbody’s studio classes run throughout NYC, Coss came up with the idea of Conbody Live — a web app that offers live streaming of Conbody’s unique fitness classes to homes around the world in three different time zones.

The role

I worked alongside Simon Hamilton who served as the project lead and rails developer. I lead the design of the product website, web app and front-end build.

The Challenge

To design a front-facing website to promote Conbody's new streaming service whilst expanding upon and in keeping with the current Conbody brand.

The web app had its own set of design challenges, such as:

The Web App

Conbody Dashboard
The Dashboard Page

The dashboard is focused around classes. Each day has a new class ran by a specific trainer. It was important to showcase a week of upcoming classes that a member could join. Member numbers and avatars were displayed in order to encourage other members to join.

Fitness stats are displayed at the top to help increase participation, encouragement and therefore, engagement.

Conbody Classes
The Classes Page

Many iterations were considered before deciding on a calendar layout for classes. A user may be joining multiple classes every week so it was important that it was easy for them to quickly scan and join classes from within this view.

A class has two views:

  1. Before a class has started
  2. When a class has started
Conbody Class Item
Class item page, Before a class has started

The image above is the former, this page was designed around providing meaningful information to the user regarding the class and drawing attention to the next class.

Conbody Class Item
Class item page, when a class has started

When a class has started the view switches to live streaming. Naturally, the focus of this page is on the video experience, with some secondary data present such as number of people currently watching, duration etc.

A rating system was implemented to allow users to provide feedback for classes. Given more time, I would have liked to expand on this feature to gather more useful feedback data than a star rating. I would have also liked to incorporate more engagement with the audience such as a live commenting system perhaps or even user webcam integration.

Profile Page

Conbody Profile Page
User profile page

Home Page

Conbody Homepage
Conbody Live Homepage